Underpaid and overworked (the job of a mother)

I have a new boss. He’s demanding; full of energy and at most times, downright exhausting. He’s 3 and he runs me and my house like a corporation.  Shake your head in denial all you want, but I’m not alone. You know damn well your toddler runs your house too. Yeah, that’s right. Just think about it. Everything is scheduled (it has to be with toddlers) and it all revolves around them. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep it’s all planned with him and his best interest in mind.  He makes plans, he negations and does his best to close the deal (on one more popscile before bed.)

His rigorous schedule includes a time to wake up, a time to get dressed, a time to leave, a dinner time, an outside time, bath time, play time, book time and momma’s favorite time, bed time!

My whole day is completely ran by my new leader and his schedule. I am at his mercy- his beck and call 24 hours a day. It doesn’t include  sick time,  weekends or holidays off and call me crazy, but  I think he likes it.

He’s a tough one, doesn’t take no an answer and doesn’t find slacking the lest bit appropriate. He’s to say the least, a slave driver. Like many employee’s (mommas) I’m underpaid and overworked….

Must be nice to be so little yet hold such the prestigious honor of bossing adults around and having total control over their daily lives. That’s right…. parents, servants, guardant call us what you want- just make sure you do it at a nice hourly rate.

Lucky for him, this momma takes payment in the form of hugs, kisses and cuddles because otherwise he couldn’t afford me.

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