Peek-a-boo..I see you!

This morning I was informed that my child is a hider. No, not a biter– a hider. It seems that he’s been hiding from his teacher, which as you can imagine when she goes to count her kids she doesn’t appreciate.

I thought it was quite funny, but then again I’m not on the other end of it. The first question out of my mouth was of course, “why is he hiding?” I mean, it’s a valid question right? Is the teacher giving him any reason to hide like is she screaming? is he getting trouble for bad behavior is there something that is causes him to feel as if he’s safest if he hides.

My most precious teacher (who I dearly love) replied, “No, he just thinks it’s funny!” (which was good to hear) and  totally believable since Max is somewhat of a prankster.

While we were in the office I asked Max if he was hiding from his teacher. He said yes. (to my surprise) I then asked him to stop because it makes her sad. He looked confused. I went on to explain that when he hides the teacher gets sad because she thinks that she “lost” him. He got it–or at least I think he did… I guess we’ll find out today. I think I’m going to take up hiding, the kid might be on to something.

Think they’d miss me at work if I curled up in a little ball under my desk? Geez, that sounds nice. It doesn’t work at home, I’ve already tried it. Max walks around the house screaming, “Momma, where are you” until he finds me—there’s no escaping him. Not even the bathroom is a safe place to hide, he’ll always come for me…he’ll always find me. THERE IS NO WAY OUT!!

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